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Wood or maintenance free decks and brick or concrete patios are beautiful additions to homes, a great space to entertain, spend quality family time and simply relax. Over time, the Minnesota seasons can start to weather those surfaces leaving them looking drab and dirty, fury from organic growth such as algae, or sticky and stained from other environmental elements or family fun. Your local pressure and soft washing professionals are here to help clean those surfaces, giving them a fresh new look.

Our Process

As with fence, roof cleaning or house washing, The Power Washing Company, dependent on the concrete, wood surface or maintenance free deck material, will use the safest soft washing or power washing techniques.

Once your wood deck is completely dry, we recommend stain or paint be applied to maintain the fresh new look and prolong the life of the surface.

Why is deck/patio cleaning important?

Cleaning a wood or maintenance free deck or patio is a way to prolong its longevity, keep it clear of dirt, algae, mildew and other organic elements. Some decks become slippery when they are damp or wet and regular cleaning keeps the surface fresh and clean, it also keeps you and your loved ones safe.

Dirt, debris, buildup from tree droppings or lawn clippings can get into the crevices and pores of your brick or concrete patio. If left to the elements, over time moss, algae, rust or staining can start to grow.

How often should decks/patios be cleaned?

The Minnesota weather exposes your deck and patio to our four seasons. Those seasons play a part in the cleaning needs of your patio or deck and our professionals will suggest a cleaning routine that best fits the needs of your property.

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