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The Power Washing Company offers surface cleaning to residential and commercial properties. Over time salt residue, car leaks, dirt and grime and organic elements such as polyphenols found in most plants, leaves and seeds that begin to decompose, can leave behind stains and rust on your concrete.  

The Power Washing Company can also clean brick, tile, stone and pavers. We also service gas stations, parking lots, storefronts, warehouse floors, dumpster pads, and more.

Our Process

We use professional grade rotary surface cleaners for most of our flat areas such as driveways, sidewalks, concrete surfaces and pool areas. For more challenging stains, our hot water techniques can remove up to fifty percent more stains than pressure washing with standard cold-water. Our professional grade equipment can clean surfaces faster, conserving water and making a difference for Minnesota’s environment.

Why is surface cleaning important?

Taking care of the concrete around your home or business is just as important as taking care of your house siding, stucco, brick, the gutters and roof. The Power Washing Company cleans concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, and walkways that inevitably become filled with dirt, mold, algae and plant stains, or with tire marks, oil and liquids and irrigation rust over the years. This wears down those surfaces faster and often result in repairs. When you have the exterior surfaces around your property cleaned it can improve your home’s value, the appearance, and help to prolong the longevity and integrity of your concrete. 

How often should surfaces be cleaned?

Most experts recommend that you wash your concrete at least once a year. Surface cleaning or power washing your concrete once a year is a good rule of thumb, yet you may need to perform concrete washing more or less frequently depending on the level of activity the concrete experiences, whether it is inside or outside or if it is bare or sealed.

We recommend that you are careful when choosing a pressure washing service. Incorrect pressure washing forces water into the surface and can force spores and growth deeper into those holes creating unwanted growth and often results in algae, mold, and stains to return faster. The Power Washing Company will use professional grade equipment and solutions to surface clean your concrete, with the correct pressure. 


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